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What an Exciting Time to be Involved in Agriculture

Some might say…. how can you say such a thing with tight cash flow and low commodity prices relative to costs? I say, same old business, just different year. Yes, we have lower commodity prices, but we have raised record crop yields over the last 4 years and demand for our grain is as high as it has ever been. Look at all the technology we have today as well. Not only do we grow more bushels with better seed products, but we have equipment that will drive itself, monitors that measure yields on the go, and communication tools that provide information 24/7. I had the opportunity to see some interesting market research recently that showed that grower confidence in the future of Agriculture was at record high levels even though current outlook is negative to challenging. I couldn’t agree more with the future confidence. This is a hungry world and it will need high producing, savy farmers to feed it.

It is also a great time to be in the seed business, especially with NuTech Seed. Our business continues to move forward in positive direction due to our consistent outstanding Independent Trial performance in corn, our LibertyLink® soybean weed control options and sales success, and our people. Year after year, we just keep winning due to the quality of our products. More and more growers are seeing our results and asking to purchase our products or join our dealer network. Today’s best growers continue to focus on maximizing yield potential and managing costs/bushel, not cost per acre. And we can help. Combine our outstanding products with good programs and we have a tremendous value to offer growers. We also work diligently every day to develop mutually beneficial relationships, maintain a strong customer service orientation, and create a brand experience that is trustworthy and genuine. In uncertain times, people look for people they trust as business partners and we take that challenge seriously each and every day. There is still a lot of decisions to be made yet on the farm for the 2017 crop and I know we can help.

As always, thanks for your business and support of NuTech Seed. It is good to be us!