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NuTech Seed launches grain sorghum hybrid to help growers overcome the effects of sugarcane aphids

NuTech Seed is working to provide sorghum growers an option for areas concerned with sugarcane aphids. Sugarcane aphids have been a factor in reducing yields by as much as 50% in certain geographies and chemical control is often difficult to achieve. The recent launch of grain sorghum hybrid GS 636™ is one solution to help growers overcome the effects of sugarcane aphids. GS 636 is naturally tolerant to aphids and performed very well in multiple trials in Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Kansas. Stay tuned for further sugarcane aphid tolerant products in the future.

NuTech Seed wishes everyone the best of luck this year and in years to come. We know and understand growers have many options available to them and we take pride in making NuTech Seed the brand of choice.

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