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It is GREAT to be us!

Thanks to all of your efforts, NuTech Seed is enjoying another year of outstanding sales and business performance. More growers than ever are planting our products this spring and seeing our top performing corn products and soybeans with the LibertyLink® gene. It is truly ‘Great to be Us’ and a great time to be part of the NuTech Seed team!

I often get asked the question: "How are you doing it?"  To me, the answer is quite simple: the answer is some of the basic attributes of a healthy and growing seed company, even in these challenging times in agriculture.

I had the opportunity to review some market research recently regarding growers' purchasing decisions. The respondents' answers were very insightful and they answer the 

question about our recent success at NuTech Seed. The question that caught my eye was around the factors that were most important for choosing a seed brand. Product performance, yield and dealer relationship were the top three responses, accounting for more than 85% of the most mentioned factors. Other agronomic characteristics, trait package, price and other factors were far less important and almost inconsequential in the decision. Those three factors are all key to NuTech Seed’s recent success.

Our products, from about any performance measurement, are showing up time and time again and our solution-based approach with the right traits for individual growers are delivering choice and tremendous value. This performance and flexibility is being noticed as we continue to receive unsolicited calls and inquiries asking to try our products or to join our team. And you, our sales teams, continue to provide sound advice regarding product placement along with outstanding and dependable service. Growers are seeing the value and they are rewarding us with their purchase decisions.

At NuTech Seed, we truly do ‘Lead with Seed’ and we are passionate about your success. I would just like to say thank you for putting your trust in NuTech Seed products and people once again this year and best wishes for another great crop.