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Improve NuTech Seed's brand awareness with social media

Social media is constantly changing. Every social site has its own algorithm to determine how users view content and that algorithm is regularly adjusted to keep everyone, especially marketers, on their toes.

Gone are the days when the Facebook News Feed is a timeline of content, listed in the order each piece was created. Now the posts you see in your News Feed are based on your browsing patterns. 

Have you ever wondered why you don’t see every piece of content that NuTech Seed posts on Facebook? Just “liking” NuTech Seed’s Facebook page doesn’t guarantee you’ll see anything we post. You have two options: FOLLOW the page, so you get a notification every time we post, or INTERACT with our posts (like, comment, and share). The more you interact with a page and its posts, the more content you will see from that page in your News Feed.

With every algorithm update that Facebook makes, companies are seeing constant decline in followers, reach, impressions, website clicks, and more. Instagram operates the same way. Twitter still follows the “timeline” approach, for the most part, but if you haven’t logged on in a few days, you’ll see a section of tweets labeled “Here’s what you may have missed…”

So here is my request, if you spend time on social media, make sure you are interacting with NuTech Seed’s posts. Like, comment, and share – it’s a quick and effective way to help our marketing efforts and continue spreading our brand across the country.

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